Eco, not ego.

It’s not about us. It’s not even about you.

It’s about creating bespoke home fragrances and toiletries that are completely and utterly natural, environmentally friendly and organic. Ones that are made right here using British manufacturing and traditional methods, with nothing shipped from overseas.


All our candles are green.

The beauty of being artisan is that extra care is taken to make everything as pure and responsibly sourced as possible.

Hand-poured organic, vegan and natural wax that is free from enhancers and additives. Created in state-of-the-art, stainless steel wax melters with tube pouring and mixing wands. And using a variety of wicks to suit different candles. Even the design & packaging is simple enough to fall seamlessly into line with your own brand.


To us, the humble candlewick is the most important component of a scented candle and a major part of our product development. That’s why we have numerous variants available to offer a wick for every candle system. A little obsessive? Perhaps, but this extra attention to detail helps us create something truly unique.

Design & Packaging

Some of the most successful brands in the Home Fragrance market all have one thing in common: Great design and simple packaging. Needless to say, the design and the packaging would go to waste if the product itself was not up to the mark, but it does all start with the design and your identity.

Work with our team to design, develop and bring your brand to fruition from conception to completion. We have some amazingly experienced designers, as well as some very young talented designers ready to push the boundaries for new concepts.


The scent of sustainability.

Our fragrances are designed to evoke your brand in every environment. Creating a unique atmosphere that brings your vision to life for your customers. It’s even more powerful when the fragrance conjures up an obsessive drive for sustainability and ethical behaviour

candle candle


Clean body. Cleaner conscience.

Body wash, facial wash, body scrub, massage oils… Our list of toiletry products goes on. And they’re all as pure and simple as we can make them, with no negative impact on the world around us.

They’re versatile too, so you can use your own vessels and packaging. Get in touch and we’ll send you a sample to try.

“How do we sleep at night? Very well thanks. We know that all our products have been created as sustainably as possible."


Ethically made, so you don’t lose sleep.

Our diffusers, room sprays and sleep sprays let your customers rest, unwind and drift away in a calming environment. You can relax too, knowing that everything is sourced responsibly and created naturally.

candle candle


Shared vision

We understand launching new products can be a daunting task, especially when you have financial & timing limitations. That’s why when collaborating with brands, we go head in 50/50, taking responsibility for the actual product.

This is a unique alternative to the traditional way of product development – adding trust and opening up boundless creative paths. However, the MOQ for this service is 1000 units per sku item.



Perfectly crafted,
tailored for you

Our bespoke service is one offered exclusively to the premium market that shares our view on how things should be done. We have spent many years developing a unique supplier base, which has enabled us to create products that are utterly unique, whilst still maintaining our eco and ethical stance.