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That calming flickering of a glowing flame. That subtle fragrance that drifts from room to room…

Olfaction, the sense of smell, is probably our most powerful emotion. It can evoke a memory, create an atmosphere and calm our soul.

That’s what drives us here at Stennah & Hope. Our bespoke candles and home fragrances are produced just for you, and your own boutique brand. Organically pure and unapologetically decadent, our products are crafted using traditional methods fused with modern twists.

We never mass-produce – there’s no love in that. Instead we take our time. Call us artisans, call us connoisseurs, but we believe quality over quantity still counts for something.

Wholesale Candle Alternative

The art of making a Candle

We’ve already stated that we are traditionalists at heart, but have recognised that will only get us so far. We have invested in state of the art stainless steel wax melter’s with tube pouring, all fitted with mixing wands to help maintain the fragrance adhesion. We have also developed a range of natural waxes that meet the ever growing demands that brands require and guarantee a perfect burn all the time, every time. 
We test-burn all our candles long before they reach our customers as this ensures you get excellent burn times, just the right scent throw and great value for money.


Fragrance plays a very important role in our lives, both consciously and subconsciously. It is able to create or influence an atmosphere and can affect our moods and our impressions. So it’s no wonder then, why fragrance is so important in scented candles. We can work with you in creating your very own fragrance. Use your own existing fragrance or even put forward our own house fragrances. Either way the choice is yours.

Design & Packaging

Some of the most successful brands in the Home Fragrance market all have one thing in common: Great design and simple packaging. Needless to say the design and the packaging would go to waste if the product itself was not up-to the mark, but it does all start with the design and your identity.

Work with our team to design, develop and bring your brand to fruition from conception to completion. We have some amazingly experienced designers, as well as some very young talented designers ready to push the boundaries for new concepts.


Like any true craftsmen we are very proud of the candles we make, but don't just take our word for it.

So you can appreciate how our products can help your business, we are currently offering free samples to companies interested in our candle manufacturing services.

Whether you're a boutique brand looking to develop your portfolio, or a retailer wanting to increase your profitability by exploring alternatives to wholesale candle suppliers, we are here to help you at every step.

Unlike many other suppliers, our full service approach means we can help you with every aspect of product development from identifying opportunities, right through to branding and packaging.

Our combination of traditional values, state of the art equipment, world class fragrance development and unbeatable service make Stennah and Hope the perfect partner in developing products your customers will love.  

You will receive your bespoke candle after your consultation with us discussing your needs. And thats free to.....

Request a sample candle

You will receive your bespoke candle after a no obligation consultation to discuss your needs. This sample is completely free for anyone interested in purchasing our products.


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